Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Chris Skillz is recording his debut album Yesterday’s Tomorrow. Help us reach the world! #KickstartChrisSkillz

After releasing several mixtapes, Dover Delaware emcee, Chris Skillz is preparing his debut album. Partnering with some of the most eclectic producers, Chris plans to bring forth an all encompassing story of struggle with life’s complexities from a personal and third party perspective. Fans of Chris, know his story and how he speaks to a broad audience who is underrepresented in the hip hop community.

This Kickstarter campaign will help to fuel this project to reach the masses and help those dealing with deeper issues than what lays on the surface.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow is scheduled to be released late 2014. It will be a 12-14 track LP. Producers include Kyle Owens, Tantu, Sean Turk and Aviles to name a few.

#KickstartChrisSkillz #YesterdaysTomorrow

Kickstarter video by Larry Allen

Creative direction by Reggie Hudson